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90 min with special Bio oil and Aromatherapy

The meaning of the word Rasayana is “forever young”: this is a traditional Indian massage that is offered to the couple before their wedding, so that they will be as beautiful as ever before. It is a mixture of gentle and deep remodeling movements alternated to relaxation time. It releases tensions and emotions starting from the back, so that the nervous system will be almost restarted. After a few minutes of relax, the massage starts again from the legs and moves on. The body will be stimulated to renew itself and a new beauty will enlighten your face. You will be captured by this hypnotic massage and feel yourself deeply in peace.

It is highly recommended to all those people who would like to experience a beauty that comes from an inner state of wellbeing. It can be a one stand massage or it could be repeated even every day to have a real strong effect of rejuvenating and modeling the body even loosing a couple of sizes. Very effective after a pregnancy or after a very stressful moment.