Mother water

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60/70 min with water, cotton, silk powder and Aromatherapy

This is an ancient Indian treatment to detox and purify body and mind using water, the mother of all elements and its exceptional purifying qualities. Water restores, regenerates, cures, cleanses to a very deep level and it contains all the  energies of the earth, life originates from water.

This treatment is done using a cotton cloth to massage and gently dab the body from the top so that cold water will strongly stimulate to eliminate all toxins and expel body fat. It will immediately enable the nervous system to reset, to deeply relax removing all tensions. After each dab , the body will be immediately dried reducing the sense of cold. Within a few minutes you will be stimulated to let all tensions go and almost loose the sense of time for a while.

At the end of the process, a warming up massage will be made using a natural silk powder to gently wake you up, then you might want to check up  the remaining water, to see the toxins expelled. Unique experience.