Chakra Balance

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45 min foot massage, mantra chanting.

This Indian holistic foot massage is an effective chakra balancing method and it’s structured by 3 main actions: an effective foot massage, mantra chanting, incense burning. The feet will be given a peculiar massage on the reflex points of each of the main 7 Chakras; at the same time the mantras of the chakras will be repeatedly chanted, and a special Tibetan medicinal incense will be burnt. The combination of these actions produces its special effect, it takes the receiver to a state of deep conscious relaxation, rising the quality of the energy frequencies. Your system will receive help in those areas where it will be more needed just like water poured down will level up on the floor.Also very suitable for those who want to relieve from stress or need to disconnect, sleep, relax, in case of insomnia.