#Ayurvedic #full body #relaxation #disconnect #slowdown #release

60/70 minĀ  with Soham bio oil and Aromatherapy

Anulom is a very relaxing Ayurvedic massage which will help you to slow down your rhythm and it will deliver you in a state of deep relaxation and peace.

The massage starts from the head, skull, face, moving down to the shoulders. The direction of the movement is downwards and it works lowering down the blood pressure a little. Starting from this area Anulom works immediately relaxing the nervous system, releasing tensions in the head, in all face muscles so you will be soon in a state of bliss, it will naturally encourage you to surrender and let go all worries, thoughts, and it will allow you to totally disconnect. It almost gives a feeling of floating in the air and it stimulates to rest and recharge the battery, neutralizing stress, tension and letting all worries andĀ  thoughts melt away.