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experience wellness as your natural way of being, let your beauty radiate from your light.

Ibiza and abroad

Soham is a wide selection of nourishing treatments and ancient healing traditions, which will help you disconnect and release all your tensions, physical and emotional blockages. You will feel lighter and more grounded, improving awareness and a deeper connection with yourself.

Enjoy the beauty that comes from a deep relaxing Ayurvedic treatment, breath in peace during a vibrational sound bath, release all your tension and feel fully restored with a Chinese foot reflexology session.

You might choose to have a Yoga class at home and a massage in the morning right there at your domicile. Pick up one of our natural top bio cosmetic and add it to your massage to allow your beauty radiate from inside out.


vibrational sound bath

The true nature of every single thing is vibration,
sound, movement, energy, light.


Yoga & Meditation

Yoga : asana practice, pranayama (breathing techniques), final meditation.

90 min

It is possible to schedule Yoga classes for one single person of private groups, beginners, or advanced students are all welcome. My aim as a yoga teacher is to share my experience and my vision of yoga with you.  Yoga was designed to help you feel better, solve physical problem especially back problems and help you live  longer in a state of pure wellness.

Registered 200 hours Yoga Alliance

Belts, blocks, mats, blankets available.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha is the traditional Indian yoga, it is the Pacha Mama of all yoga schools and types, the source of all yogis. The meaning of the word Hatha is literally “moon sun” which you can also understand as Yin Yang, meaning that it aims to put in balance our whole system. We refer to Hatha as a sequence of Asanas positions which are held for some breaths, usually from 5 until 8 and where you try to feel comfortable.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a very quiet style of yoga where postures are held for a longer time ( 1, 3, 5 minutes) and with little or no muscular action. It gives you the chance to let all tensions go, and to allow the body to show you the way you can go deeper in every single asana. You will find yourself in the situation of listening to your body. It is effective on all Yin body tissues: bones, ligaments, junctures, cartilages,nervous system and fascia.

Vinyasa flow

Vinyasa flow is a dynamic type of yoga where movement and breath work together creating some sort of a fluid, continuous flow, the asanas create heat and action and the breath relaxes the body and the nervous system. It is a very personal style and the sequence is made up by every teacher. Poses are held here between 3 and 5 breaths to enhance the effect of the heat generated by the dynamic flow.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

It is a worldwide fixed system of sequences taught by Guru Pattabi Jois which is a real complete training system. The sequences include a continuous flow of movements and jumps back and forward and it provides a total body workout  with a repetitive frame. The sequence is designed to train body mind soul starting from the foundation and gives you the possibility of practicing alone quite quickly.


Ananda Mandala Meditation

#groupwork #solowork #guidedmeditation

90 minutes Breathwork individual or group session

Ananda Mandala is a meditation and a very powerful energetic cleansing process that will be activated by a particular breathing technique.  This will enable every participant to rise his/her own vibrant frequencies, producing a range of physical, emotional, spiritual effects and a unique experience, sometimes stimulating insights or intuitions, sometimes, visions, sometimes bliss, Ananda. It might happen that old behavior patterns, or ancients sorrows will be brought up to consciousness, to be released. It might happen to experience pure joy and bliss.

Before starting there will be some introduction and explanation of the technique itself, and of the energetic anatomy of the chakras and how they work in our body. At the end of the meditation there will be some time to relax and then share together the experience of the meditation, the different feelings for every participant, insights, intuitions received during the process.

Shamanic Chakra channelling

#groupwork #solowork #guidedmeditation

90 min individual or group session

The Chakra channelling is a guided meditation that takes you on a tour inside yourself and every single chakra with the purpose to experience the energy and the forces which are located in each of them.

Once you are able to establish a connection and a dialogue with the inner forces in your energetic centers, you will be then able to release emotional blockages which may slow you down.

The process is a combination of different postures, breathing techniques, and creative visualization, enhanced by  a selected aromatherapy.

Detox plans

Give yourself the pleasure of one of our detox plans, gently cleanse and purify your body and mind, get rid of unwanted toxins, remineralize your body and alkaline your system with one of or plans and feel lighter, radiant, purified, more centered, more beautiful than ever.

Our detox plans will give you the possibility to gently clean up your Body while enjoying your time in Ibiza.

A simple yet effective combination of Herbal teas, detox yoga flow, juicing, alkaline water and minerals , that’s what will start a cleansing process and give you all necessary energy to begin your day with a lighter, fresh new energy. Add to that an effective detox Yoga flow, wonderful massages and extraordinary cosmetic products to achieve great results.

Please ask for any further info.



1 session

  1. Detox Herbal tea

  2. Detox yoga flow

  3. Massage treatment : Rasayana  with Drainage bio oil.

Herbal detox tea in the morning followed by a detox Hatha Yoga flow from the Yoga Shatkarma to enhance the gentle cleansing effect of the tea. Add to this a detoxifying massage to stimulate liquid drainage to obtain a special detox session you will be happy to try.

2-3 days

  1. Detox Herbal tea

  2. Detox yoga flow

  3. Massage treatment : Rasayana  with Drainage bio oil.

This “weekend routine” is what will start making you feel cleansed in a pretty short time, it will perfectly fit to start your holiday or to end it up, after a moment of stress or a few nights out…if you want to get back to tranquility and lightness this is your choice.

1 week plan

  1. Detox Herbal tea + Aktidrenal Savia verde

  2. Detox yoga flow

  3. Massage treatment : Rasayana  with Drainage bio oil, Anulom, Vilom, Mother Water.

A week program is for sure dedicated to someone who really want to investigate about a deeper cleansing experience and obtain more visible results. Adding a juicing plan to this your results will be really great, you will loose weight, your skin will radiate beauty, you will feel amazingly well.

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